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Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī’s Bhikkhuni ordination

We are very happy to announce that Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī’s Bhikkhuni ordination will take place in March 2018 in Los Angeles, with Ayya Gunasari from Mahapajapati Monastery as her preceptor.

Thus Tilorien Monastery will soon have two bhikkhunis to support each other in their practice!

Ayya Kathrin has been a nun for over three years, living and practicing with communities on four continents. May her ordination be an inspiration to her and to many people!

If you would like to support this by making a contribution towards travel costs and other expenses for the ordination, please do so with the account details of the right, mentioning “Ayya Kathrin” in the reference.


Ayya Kathrin