Samita ASBL

Kathina at Tilorien Monastery 6th November 2021

We are very happy to announce that the Kathina celebrations will again take place at Tilorien Monastery this year


11.00-11.15 Dana offering and Anumodana chanting

Lunch break

13.00-16.00 with a.o. (the full program will be announced closer to the time)

  • Welcome and taking of the 5 precepts
  • Guided meditation on the qualities of the Buddha
  • Kathina procession (weather permitting)
  • Offering of the Kathina Robe
  • Dhamma talk

18.00-19.00 Chanting and guided meditation

Due to Covid restrictions we can only allow a very limited amount of visitors so you will only be able to follow along on the iSangha Zoom channel. If you already have the link to the iSangha channel, there is nothing you need to do. If not, please complete the form below to get an automated email with the link.


Kathina procession in 2019

Donating Kathina robe

Offering of the robe in 2019