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Ayya Patācārā chants the Parittas (Buddhist Protective Verses)

Ayya Patācārā was a Buddhist nun at Santi Forest Monastery in New South Wales, Australia for many years. She was ordained by Bhante Sujato, abbot of the monastery at that time. She disrobed in 2014.

Ayya Patācārā was exceptionally gifted and crafted beautiful sculptures and carvings around the monastery. Her masterpiece is this 3 meter high Buddha statue in Gandhari style in a sandstone cave known as “The Big Cave”. This cave was excavated under the leadership of Bhante Sujato on the monastery’s land. It took Ayya Patācārā 2 years to complete it.

She also had a beautiful voice as you can hear on this recording from 2013.

She is now boardmember of Samita ASBL.