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Ayya Yeshe Chodron


Ayya Yeshe Chodron ordained as a nun in 2001 at the age of 23. She discovered Buddhism whilst travelling in Nepal and India on a search for the meaning of life. Coming back to her homeland Australia after a year of study and practice in monasteries, she helped run a Buddhist Centre in Sydney and trained with her teacher Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe for five years whilst working as well.  Coming to India in 2004, Venerable Yeshe studied for two years in a monastery, but felt a need to make Buddhism accessable and socially engaged, whilst still trying to maintain her contemplative way of life. She met Indian Buddhists in 2005 and has been working with them ever since. She founded Bodhicitta Vihara, a charity that helps the slum-people in Nagpur, India.

Her teachers are Sakya Trizen (Head of the Tibetan Sakyapa-school) and Ven Thich Nhat Hanh, the nobel peace prize nominee, poet and peace activist.

Dakini - Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred FeminineWith her beautiful rich voice, Ayya Yeshe gives fundraising concerts around the world with ancient, time-honoured chants and mantras that express the striving towards the realisation of boundless compassion, loving kindness and peace. You can download the songs of her CD: Dakini – Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine on iTunes.

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