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Samita ASBL
Engreux 49G
6663 Mabompré
Email: [email protected]
Eventscommittee email: [email protected]

Samita ASBL abides by the BUB‘s ethical charter, “Charte éthique et déontologique”. If you have any concerns, including issues related to sexism, racism, homophobia or any other concerns, please contact our Integrity Contact Person Didier Huvelle using the form above or you can contact Annelies Dezaeytijd  ([email protected]) or Joelle Troeder ([email protected]) at the Buddhist Union of Belgium.

Important note on sending packages!

Due to EU import restrictions, please note the following if you wish to send us packages from outside the EU so as not to incur unnecessary delays, costs and paperwork.

Please make sure the following is marked clearly on the package:
– content and value. If you mention it is a “gift” and the value is under 40 euro, we do not need to pay import taxes.
– personal name of sender and receiver. Please don’t send it in the name of a company but in your own name and don’t send it to Samita ASBL or Tilorien Monastery but mention the registered name of the person you are sending the package to. F.i. If this is Ven. Vimala, please send it to “M. De Jonge”. Sending a “gift” is only allowed between natural persons.
Thank you for your care!