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Bhante Sujato Metta Meditation series

In the last four weeks, we have started to re-publish a series of Dhamma talks on Metta Meditation on our YouTube channel. A new part will be published every Friday.

In this 10-part series, Bhante Sujato describes in detail Ajahn Mahachatchai’s method of Metta Meditation. This course was given in Santi Forest Monastery over a period of 12 weeks during the 2007 monastic rains retreat.

It is the most detailed course of this method on the internet, brought with Bhante Sujato’s characteristic humor and deep understanding. This is a unique series that we wanted to highlight a bit more because it was very hard to find between other materials on the internet.

MP3 downloads of these talks can be found here:

The book from Ajahn Maha Chatchai can be downloaded on the Samita books page: