Samita ASBL

Tree planting day

Saturday 23rd November.

The day was a bit overcast but not at all cold and rather pleasant when we went outside in the afternoon to plant the trees to remember the people who have passed away. A beautiful gesture to remind us that life is transient and that one day we too will die. With every tree, Ven. Vimala chanted the funeral chant and pronounced the name of the deceased. At one tree, they spread some of the ashes of their late mother. At the foot of some of the trees, a wooden heart-shaped sign with the name of the deceased was placed, beautifully carved by Aminah. Everybody helped to plant the 5 trees and a hedge, shovelling dirt and spraying the water.

In the future, the great red Acer will provide shade for a little bench and medition spot while the hedge flows around it in a half-circle to shield it from view.
The fruit trees on the slope near the kuti will bloom with white flowers in the spring, and provide prunes and cherries in the late summer. While the lonely temple-tree, the Ginko, will stand tall as a symbol of eternal love.

Some impressions: