Samita ASBL

Bhante Sujato “Chaos & Metta” Tour of Europe 2024/2025

Pre-Tour online program 2024:

29. September, Progetto PienEssere Zoom talk 10-12 CET
6. October, Buddha-Talk 10-12 CET
13. October, Vivekarama & Terre d’éveil Zoom talk 10-12 CET

Tour program 2024 – 2025:


25. October – 1. November: 7 day retreat with DNBF
Venabu Mountain Lodge
For more information, see the DNBF website.

2 – 3. November: Weekend Retreat in Oslo
Non-residental Retreat

5. or 6. November: Lecture with Norwegian scholar Kåre A. Lie


For more information, see the website.

10. – 15. November: Retreat at Oddechowo
Fast Jhanas! — is a terrible idea, let’s take it slow

15. November (evening): Public talk
Delulu: is it all in your head?

16. November (evening): Public talk
Sutta Reading for Dummies Who Are Soon to be Wise

17. – 20. November: Retreat at Oddechowo
End of the World Retreat for People Who Never Really Fit In Anywhere Else

20. November (evening): Public talk
Causality and kamma – smart investing for a modern Buddhist


22.-24. November 2024: Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg
For more information see the website of the Buddhistische Gesellschaft

28. November – 7. December 2024: 10-day Metta-Retreat
Monastery Sirisampanno
For more information see the monastery website.

12. – 19. December 2024: 8 day retreat
Monastery Wassermond
For more information see the monastery website.


27. December – 5. January 2025: 10-day retreat with Progetto PienEssere
Sanctuary of Graglia
For more information see the website.


8. -19. January 2025: 10-day “Chaos & Metta” Retreat with Samita/IMA
Monastery Yeunten Ling
For more information and registration see our website post.

19. January 2025 (evening): Public talk


(All details and events to be announced closer to the time)

22. January 2025: Public talk
London 19:30

26. January 2025: Daylong
Brighton Bodhi Tree 10-16:30