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Kathina Celebration 2019

Dhamma Talks

Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī October 2018

Ayya Kathrin’s talk on the building of Tilorien Monastery on the occasion of the opening day on 28 October 2018, starting with a video message from our Spiritual Advisor, Bhante Sujato, and other monastics at Bodhinyana Monastery in Western Australia

Bhikkhu Anālayo April 2018

Public presentation of his newly published book “Rebirth in Early Buddhism & current research”:

Bhante Sujato November 2015

This is a talk that Ayya Sujato gave on his visit to Poland in November 2015 on the subject of Bhikkhunis

Public talk Ajahn Brahm Hamburg (26 Oct 2014)

Ajahn Brahm talk Hamburg


Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery – Coming Home to Stillness & Peace

Bodhinyana Monastery produced this nice little documentary in 2016: An introduction to Ajahn Brahm and Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery, as well as a glimpse into the simple life of a Buddhist monk living in a forest monastery.

Picture Biography of Ajahn Brahm – version 03/2015

Ajahn Brahm & Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery—A documentary (produced by Buddhistdoor)

The Buddha’s Forgotten Nuns

Wiriya was raised a Buddhist, but like many women who wish to advance in their practice, she came up against walls of sexism within the traditional Theravada order.Is Buddhism a religious movement based on equality? Or is it rooted in a male dominated culture found in most other world religions? The Buddha himself invited women to join his group of disciples as female monks – or bhikkhunis – and allowed them to be ordained alongside men some 2500 years ago. What happened?
In The Buddha’s Forgotten Nuns Wiriya sets out to find out how the role of women in Buddhism changed so drastically and why so few women’s orders remain today. She travels to Buddhist centres around the world, interviews nuns and monks, and examines the cultural baggage that has accumulated around the Buddha’s teachings.

She discovers new paths being forged for women in Australia, the US and pockets around the world and meets the men and women who are pulling down barriers and pushing for change in the monastic world.

But will the Bhikkhuni movement expand beyond a few independent-minded Western communities and gain momentum in still traditional male-oriented cultures?

Doing Time Doing Vipassana

Vipassana meditation in an Indian jail.

Bhikkhuni Order

Path of Spiritual Freedom for Women

Pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya that was led by Bhante Sujato in February 2014.

Secret Tribes about the Thai Theravada Bhikkhunis

The creation of the Bhikshuni Sangha in the Tibetan tradition at Sravasti Abbey in the United States.

Blue Eyes in Saffron Robes

Life in Wat Pah Nanachat in the early days with Ajahn Brahmavamso and Ajahn Amaro.

Bones of the Buddha

The Mindful Way – The Buddhist Forest Tradition

Chanting & Inspiration

Ayya Yeshe: Chod

Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacret Feminine

Ajahn Brahm: All You Need Is Kindfulness