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Peace-Festival: Ayya Vimala in St. Vith

“Move & Encounter” is the motto of the Friedensfestival (peace festival) in St. Vith / Belgium this year on Easter Monday, 17th April 2017. Ayya Vimala has been invited to give a talk on this occasion: 16:00 at the Triangel (conference room, 1st storey), Vennbahnstr. 2, B-4780 Sankt Vith (talk in German).

Encounter a Buddhist nun!
What moves a Western woman to become a Buddhist nun?

Our world has become increasingly global and we come more and more into contact with other people and other cultures. This can sometimes be a bit frightening but when we open ourselves up to the richness that these people have to offer, it can change our lives.

Everybody has at least heard about meditation and the health benefits it can bring are more and more recognised. It is something everybody can do, regardless of age, race or religion and you don’t have to become a Buddhist to do it.

Ayya Vimala will talk about her own journey, how she discovered meditation right here in Belgium and how she finally decided to embrace the life of a Buddhist nun.

Afterwards Ayya Vimala will give a guided meditation session.