Samita ASBL

Ajahn Brahmali’s, “The Four Noble Truths” postponed

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we are very sorry to announce that we’ve had to reach the decision to postpone Ajahn Brahmali’s “The Four Noble Truths” retreat that was due to take place in June. This decision follows the Belgian government’s new regulations forbidding all mass events until the end of August and continued uncertainty with regards to travel restrictions currently in place in many countries.

We have provisionally re-scheduled the retreat for 25th November – 4th December, however, as it is still very unclear how the situation with Covid-19 will develop, at this stage we cannot rule out the possibility of having to cancel the retreat altogether and are therefore not taking any new bookings for the time being. We will make another update as soon as we have any more information, but until then, with thank you for your patience and understanding and wish you much metta.