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Tsunma Tenzin Dasel speaks at iSangha on 2nd May – Courage and Compassion in Challenging Times

You are very warmly invited to join Tsunma Tenzin Dasel from Northern India at the Tilorien iSangha ( for a Dhamma Talk, meditation and discussion on Saturday 2nd May from 9.30-11am CEST (see here for other time zones ). 

“The uncertainty and fear in the context of the current pandemic provide us with the opportunity to become more familiar with the truth of impermanence and our habitual seeking for control. The Buddha Dharma often teaches the reality of uncertainty in our existence, with change and death being certain. We can choose courage and compassion as valid and supportive practices to guide us, day to day,  breath by breath, to maintain a happy heart and healthy mind. During this session we will also learn the Tibetan meditation called tonglen, the practice of willingly taking on suffering and sending out loving kindness, as an effective way to grow our courage and compassion.”   

Tsunma Tenzin Dasel is the lead teacher and meditation guide at her home center Tashi Gatsel Ling in Maine, USA. She collaborates with several ME high schools to give talks on Buddhism and guides meditation for the students and teachers. She returns to TGL once a year.

Tsunma Tenzin Dasel is a 1988 graduate with a BA from the prestigious Bates College, in Maine, USA. She received her Degree of Master in Arts from the respected Bangor Theological Seminary, the third oldest seminary in the USA, where she graduated summa cum laude.

An experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation, she is the founder of Maine Mindfulness Project in the USA. She has instructed thousands of people and helped many through counseling and meditation.

In March 2019, due to Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s long time foreign nun assistant returning to Australia, Tsunma Dasel became Jetsunma’s assistant and serves her at Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in Northern India.

Because of the time difference with India, the regular Friday night iSangha meeting on 1st May is moved to Saturday morning 2nd May.