Samita ASBL

Five Precept Ceremony & meditation Saturday 20th June 18.00h – 19.00h CEST

In Buddhist practice, one way to establish virtue and integrity is to formally repeat and undertake The Five Precepts. This can be done regularly, as a reminder and a recommitment of your intentions, you can do it on your own or you can do it with a teacher.

Ven. Vimala will offer the Five Precepts to those who wish to make a conscious commitment to virtue and nonharming or those who wish to renew their vows. You can find the text for this ceremony in our chanting book on page 69 (

This ceremony will be followed by the chanting of the Metta Sutta (page 40) and 45 minutes of guided meditation.

For those who wish to take the 8-precepts to keep on the Uposatha days or for life, this is possible every Uposatha day at 6.45am after the morning groupsitting.

Please find details for Tilorien iSangha here (