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Vesak: Recollection of the Buddha with Ayya Anandabodhi – Friday 28th May 18.00-20.00 CEST

Recollection of the Buddha

Guided Meditation and Dhamma Talk by Ayya Anandabodhi, Spiritual Advisor to Tilorien Monastery.

The Buddha was a human being who walked the dusty roads of Northern India, long ago, sharing the Dhamma everywhere he went. Understanding the suffering and struggle of beings, and having found perfect freedom in the midst of life’s challenges, with great patience and kindness he showed others the way.  His message and example have helped to awaken people of all kinds over these 2,600 years. On this Vesak Day (Buddha Day) we will be bringing to heart and mind the life of the Buddha and the exquisite example that he gave of how to use this precious human birth. Join us for meditation and a Dhamma talk, followed by an opportunity to share and discuss.

Friday 28th May 18.00-20.00 CEST  at Tilorien’s iSangha (


  1. Anagarika Dhammalatha

    I would likes to join this program

    1. admin

      Dear Anagarika Dhammalatha,

      You can sign up for the iSangha and receive the Zoom link here: and check the box ‘iSangha access’.
      Looking forward to seeing you there!

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