Samita ASBL

Ani Tenzin Wangmo – on Death and Dying

Guided meditation, Dhamma Talk and Q&A

Part 1: Sunday 25th April 18.00 – 20.00 CEST – how the contemplation of death can help us focus on our path.

Part 2: Sunday 6th June 18.00 – 20.00 CEST – the 8 stages of dying according to the Tibetan tradition.

We will learn how meditation about death and impermanence has been for centuries utilized as a tool for making our lives meaningful and happy, how such contemplations help us to direct our lives towards our goals and maintain our focus on the path. We will make a nine-fold meditation on death, explore the eight stages of dying, learn about the power of mind at the time of death and touch the topic of accompanying the dying and mourning. The topic is applicable to any situation of impermanence, loss or transition and Buddhist theory and practice offer several tools to transform such challenging moments into a propound and fruitful spiritual path.

Note: If you have questions related to impermanence, loss, death and dying or mourning, or if you would like to focus on particular aspect of the topic, you are welcome to write us ahead of time or tell us about it during the session.

Ani Tenzin Wangmo is the co-founder of Slovenian hospice to provide the education needed for hospice work. She has two university degrees on death and dying (sociology and philosophy) and a did several short meditation retreats on this topic during her studies. Ani Wangmo has worked for decades with elderly or dying people, their relatives and with mourning, both in the Buddhist context and in general. You can read more about her on the website:

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