Samita ASBL

Board Meeting Weekend 2023

In the weekend of 17-18 June 2023 we organized a Board meeting weekend at Tilorien Monastery and invited interested Belgian supporters to join us. It was a lovely weekend with meditation, sharing and connecting. It is wonderful when a community comes together in harmony to practice the Dhamma and we are very grateful for the support from such a group of kind people!

Next to the meetings and practical work we meditated, had a lovely walk and quiet time together at the river and shared the tasty dishes everybody had brought with them!

It’s like when the rain pours down on a mountain top, and the water flows downhill to fill the hollows, crevices, and creeks. As they become full, they fill up the pools. The pools fill up the lakes, the lakes fill up the streams, and the streams fill up the rivers. And as the rivers become full, they fill up the ocean. That’s the fuel for the ocean, and that’s how it’s filled up.
AN10.61 Bhante Sujato

Just in the same way, people coming together to practice the Dhamma with a good heart strenghten and support each other like the streams fill up the pool and eventually become a mightly unstoppable river that flows into the ocean of enlightenment.

Now Buddhism is going to be approved in Belgium some changes to the structure of Samita ASBL are needed. As Danny is also leaving the monastery, his work needs to be divided too and several committees were formed to help out. The new “Buildings and Grounds Committee” will be responsible for the maintenance of the building and the garden while the “Events and Retreats Committee” will be responsible for the organization of events and retreats.

‘When a gift is given, it makes the mind serene.
Gratification & joy arise,’
one gives a gift with the thought,
‘This is an ornament for the mind, a support for the mind.’
AN 7.52 Bhante Sujato

Giving your time (Dhamma-Dāna) is a fundamental practice in Buddhism to develop the mind for both monastics and lay practitioners. Monastics freely give the Dhamma. They devote their life to fully develop the Buddhist path to be able to share their insight with others and to inspire them. This Dhamma is invaluable to the world. And lay practitioners also have the the opportunity to give Dhamma-Dāna by supporting the monastery with their skills. By following this practice set up by the Buddha, both the lay community and the Sangha mutually depend on each other. This fosters a sense of community and responsibility for each other.

If out of gratitude and joy of giving you wish to support the Sangha and be part of one of the committees and help Tilorien Monastery, please let us know!

The Gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts!