Samita ASBL

Presence Awareness Retreat with Ajahn Buddhisaro and Ven. Vimala

2-9th February
Tilorien iSangha Zoom

The retreat will take place in Tilorien Monastery for a small group. The retreat will be partly aired on the iSangha Zoom so you are welcome to join from home and do a self-retreat!

During this retreat we will deep dive into our right here right now presence awareness and benevolent heart. Presence Awareness as an insight meditation theme in itself is often called the ‘pointing out’ or ‘direct discovery’ path. Through direct self inquiry we are essentially attempting to discover, or to evoke the recognition of an ever present dimension of our pure being and knowing nature, which is inherently loving and free. We discover we are always already present and aware in any and every experience. We discover that our heart’s longing for liberating happiness and freedom from suffering is the unconditional loving compassionate nature of the sentient being itself. So through exploring these more fundamental dimensions of our being in meditation and direct experience, we realize a deeper understanding of our reality and identity, of who and what we really are. This fact of knowing, or pure awareness. This fact of being, of pure presence. The fact of unconditional love and compassion inherent in the heart of a sentient being.

Ajahn Buddhisaro was ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2002, in the Thai Forest tradition. He first became interested in meditation while completing degrees in neuroscience and philosophy at UC Berkeley in California. Upon graduating he travelled extensively throughout Asia, studying and practicing eastern spirituality and meditation in places such as India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Meeting renowned spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh inspired him to enter extended monastic retreat as a Buddhist monk. After living in Asia for many years, Ajahn Buddhisaro returned to America and is currently on research sabbatical at Dharma Treasure in Arizona, USA, occasionally teaching or leading retreats.


Program on Zoom:

2nd February:
18:00-19:00    Chanting & silent meditation
19:00-20.30    Household announcements and guided meditation

3-8th February:
6:00-7:00       iSangha silent meditation
8:30-9:30       Guided meditation (recorded)
10:00-11:00   Dhamma Talk (recorded)
18:00-19:00   Chanting & silent meditation
19:00-20.00   Dhamma Q&A (recorded)
20.00-20.30   Guided meditation (recorded)

9th February:
6:00-7:00      iSangha silent meditation
8:30-9:30      Guided meditation (recorded)
10:00-11:00  Dhamma Talk (recorded)

For registration, please register for the iSangha via the iSangha page.

The chanting during the evening sessions will be the Metta Sutta in English (page 62 in the chanting book) and the chant on Universal Wellbeing.

An overview of the themes that will be discussed on the various days you can download here.

Some sessions will be recorded and put on our YouTube channel afterwards. If you are in the Zoom sessions, please keep your microphone muted and you will not be on the recording.

A pdf copy of the booklet that was made from the transcript of the retreat Ajahn Buddhisaro gave in September 2024 you can download here.