Samita ASBL

iSangha reunion and Vesak 2024

I’ve always felt it’s quite weird to have a group of people who all sit in front of a computer screen in silence with their eyes closed every day! Yet it is exactly this act that over the years created a sense of friendship and compassion between the kalyanamittas of the iSangha.

Still, there’s nothing more joyous than one day meeting each other in person! And this year was very special as we also celebrated Vesak together as well as the arrival of the Buddha relics from Sri Lanka.

Despite much rain the previous days, on our special day the skies cleared up as if the devas were rejoicing in this special occasion.

The weekend was filled with meditation, connecting and sharing. Everyone had brought a dish to share and it was wonderful to experience the great loving care that had gone into each dish! We did a rice pindapata on the lawn and Kaushal prepared a tray for the Buddha in traditional Sri Lankan custom. The air was filled with the joy of spiritual friendship.

On Saturday afternoon we welcomed some special guests from the Musée royal de Mariemont, who are preparing an exhibition on Buddhism in Belgium and who wanted to witness the ceremony to receive the Buddha relics.

After inviting the devas to be present, Kaushal offered the Buddha relics for Tilorien Monastery and the relics of the important Arahant Bhikkhu Mittakala (ca. 200 BCE) for Anukampa Grove that have recently been found in the Haburugala forest monastery in South Sri Lanka. We feel very grateful to the Venerable Sulakkhana Thero for his kindness in sending us these amazing relics.



We chanted the Homage to the Buddha and the Metta Sutta after which myself and Ayya Anopama shared some reflections.



Holding these tiny relics, no bigger than a mustard seed, a part of the body of what was once a real person who lived 2500 years ago and who has touched the lives of billions of people, not just in the region where he lived during his lifetime, but also in the whole world until the present day, I felt very humble. Without this person we wouldn’t be sitting in silence with our eyes closed in front of a computer screen. Without this person we wouldn’t have found our lives enriched by his teachings. Without this person we wouldn’t have known that there is a path out of suffering. And this person told us that we too have the potential to touch the lives of billions of people to come. I felt humble and inspired and this tiny relic touched me deeply.



With deep respect and gratitude
Ven. Vimala