Samita ASBL


The assocation Samita ASBL was founded under Belgian laws in March 2015 with as goal to establish a monastery in the Theravada tradition in Europe. In order to work towards this goal, Samita will organise retreats and talks by monastics.

You can become a member of Samita ASBL. Membership is free of charge. Your application is subject to approval by the Board.

Members have no direct voting power in the association, but can influence the decision-making by voicing their ideas and suggestions and help with organising events. Once a year, in January, an Annual General Assembly will be held for which all members are invited.

If you wish to become a member, please complete the form below. Click here Statuts ASBL Samita 2023 (1) fr  for a copy of the constitution of Samita ASBL in French