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(English) Ayya Anandabodhi speaks at iSangha on 22 May: Words of Awakening – Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns

Dit bericht is helaas alleen beschikbaar in English.

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  1. patricia heck

    Waouw! I’m very delighted to meet this wonderful person and to learn more about these early nice poems. But also to meet again gentle people from all over the world and to share precious values whis them.

    To be able to understand more, I’ll read the material sended by Juliana and Ayya Anopama right now.

    Thanks to all of you for all these discoveries which open mind and heart.

    Perhaps you’ll read this message, Aminah. So, I send you all my best wishes and gratutide. Be happy and save.
    I hope to see you soon, little fairy ; )

  2. patricia heck

    traduction douteuse mais le sens y est !

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