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New Translations Make The Buddha’s Teaching Available to Everyone in Plain English

Although the Buddha’s teachings have been around for over 2500 years, you still can’t find a complete, easy to understand, and copyright free version of the texts online. Until now.

After two years of intense translation and development, is offering a new English translation of the four main Pali Nikayas.

This new translation allows anyone, anywhere to read the earliest Buddhist texts online, free from cost, copyright, and technical language.

Studying canonical texts is an essential feature of practice for many Buddhists. Hand in hand with meditation, the Buddha’s teachings provide guidance and wisdom that help us grow and develop on the path.

While other translations exist, making the full collection of these texts freely available online in easy to read English is a revolution. It allows readers to understand the Buddha’s teaching in full and fresh meaning, empowering the practice of Buddhists, and facilitating the study of these scriptures.

Australian monk Sujato Bhikkhu started the project from humble beginnings in 2005. He’s spent the last two years in retreat on a remote Taiwanese island, completing the new translations of the Buddha’s teachings.

These new translations on SuttaCentral bring all the texts together in one place, with translations that highlight the warmth, clarity, and relevance of these ancient teachings.

You can also see our video to learn more about the new site here: