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A very special day―Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī’s Bhikkhunī ordination

By Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī

Dear Dhamma friends,

So finally my bhikkhunī ordination has taken place, against all odds…

It was a very inspiring and moving ceremony, and I feel enormous gratitude to the countless people who were involved in making it happen; most especially to my preceptor Ayya Gunasārī, one of the most outstanding nuns I know and a truly generous, kind, and compassionate person; as well as to all the nuns and monks who participated.

I feel very blessed to ordain together with two other candidates and friends, Ayya Kosalla Vipassini and Ayya Pārāyanā Sirī, who will be really great bhikkhunīs!

Moreover, there were a large number of people who supported me materially and financially, as well as encouraging me with kind words, thoughts, and deeds. A big thank you to all of you who contributed to making this happen!

The ceremony took place on 17th March at Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Los Angeles with Ayya Gunasārī, assisted by Ayya Peliyagoda Sudarshana, as the female preceptors, and Bhante Walpola Piyananda on the monks’ side. I was very fortunate to have Ayya Tathāloka in the quorum of nuns, and to have the support and assistance of my two experienced tutors Ayya Dhammadhirā and Ayya Santussika before and during the ceremony. In total, more than 25 monastics from many different countries of origin (Burma, Sri Lanka, USA, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, European countries) were present on the day to express their support and blessings, and they made this a truly special occasion.

Click on the picture below to watch a short video of the procession:


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  1. Kirsten Schulte

    Was für eine Freude, das zu sehen. Möge es ein langes und entwicklungsreiches Bhikkhuni-Leben werden und helfen, das Dhamma weiter in die Welt zu bringen. Alles, alles Gute! Kirsten

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