Samita ASBL

Open Day at Tilorien Monastery

We are organising an Open Day at Tilorien Monastery on 28th October 2018.


10:00: Arrival, Introduction to our Project

11:00: Meal Ceremony, Chanting, Meal in Silence, Cleanup

12:30: Talk: Monastic Life and Practise

13:30: Talk: Introduction to Early Buddhism

14:30: Tea Break

15:00: Introduction to Meditation

16:00: Photo presentation: Tudong (pilgrimage) 2017

17:00: Q&A

17:30: Closing, Departure


Potluck lunch: Please bring one or more vegetarian dishes to share.

Program will be held in English, German, French, Dutch; as necessary.


If you plan to attend, please send us an email to register and let us know the languages you speak.

For those who don’t know where the monastery is: Here’s how you find us.