Samita ASBL

Welcome to our new Board members!

At the extraordinary Annual General Meeting of 23rd February 2019, two new Board members were voted in.

Kathrin Schertenleib has been voted in as Secretary and is taking over from Anagarika Sabbamitta, and Blake Walsh has been voted in as President, taking over from Ayya Vimala.

Kathrin and Blake with daughter Hailey

A very warm welcome to both of you and much gratitude from all of us for taking on these tasks.

We also wish to thank Anagarika Sabbamitta for all the enormous amounts of work she has done as Secretary for the last 4 years. We are happy she will stay with us to organise Bhante Sujato’s visit at the end of the year and help out at Tilorien Monastery.

And lastly we also thank Ayya Vimala for all the years as President and Secretary of Samita. They will now concentrate on building up Tilorien Monastery as a spiritual center.

Goodbye to Helen and Nuala!

Helen Hancke and Nuala Harnett have decided to step down from the Samita Board after many years of support throughout the startup phase of Tilorien Monastery.

Helen has been on the Board almost from the beginning, supporting with valueble advice and input on a.o. legal matters. Nuala has been on the Board for a year and has helped various times in the building of Tilorien Monastery, planting trees, painting and helping with the Open Day last October.

We wish to express our great gratitude to both for your support, the work you have done over the years and above all, your great friendship! You will be missed!