Samita ASBL

Tree Planting at Tilorien Monastery

It’s tree planting season again!

After much deliberation we decided not to continue with the building project for the double kuti for several reasons. The project was deemed much too elaborate and expensive and the amount of work for the Tilorien community was too excessive. The funds received for kutis are being used for a simpler kuti/accommodation which is much more affordable and less work. With this the total accommodation on the premises of Tilorien Monastery becomes 5 people, which is the maximum for our septic system.

The space that has now become available will be used to plant trees to provide a visual screen and shaded places for meditation. We have selected a number of fruit and nut trees so as to make the Monastery more self-supporting. We will also keep a small space free for a possible “tiny house” in the future.

We wish to plant the following trees:

  • Castanea Sativa  (sweet chestnut) – 130 Euro

  • Prunus Persica (peach) – 100 Euro

  • Mespinus Germanica (medlar) – 110 Euro

  • Cydonia Oblonga (quince) – 130 Euro

  • Juglans Regia (walnut) – 125 Euro

If you wish to donate for any of these trees, you can do so via the website. Please mention “garden trees” in the reference.

Castanea Sativa  (sweet chestnut)

Prunus Persica (peach)

Mespinus Germanica (medlar)

Cydonia Oblonga (quince)

Juglans Regia (walnut)