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 Turning Towards: Day-long with Ayya Santacitta and Ayya Anopama – Sunday 28th November 2021 at Tilorien Monastery and iSangha

In this day-long we will practice turning towards difficult experiences and the unprecedented challenges of our times. We will explore what hinders and supports us in opening to what emerges and how to keep steady and grounded in the midst of life – for the benefit of all beings, including ourselves.

Ayya Santacitta and Ayya Anopama will be offering this day in-person at Tilorien Monastery and simultaneously online at Tilorien’s iSangha as part of their visit. Due to Covid restrictions we can only allow a very limited amount of visitors at the Monastery but you will be able to join on the iSangha Zoom channel.  If you already have the link to the iSangha channel, there is nothing you need to do. If not, please complete the form below to get an automated email with the link. If you would like to join the day in Tilorien Monastery in person, please email us to find out if there is still space.

The day will include Dhamma reflections, guided, silent and movement meditation and time for sharing. Participants are encouraged to join the morning and afternoon session though attendance of either is possible. In-person participants are warmly invited to stay on for a cup of tea at Tilorien Monastery.

Timetable in-person & online at iSangha (approximate):

6.00-7.00 Silent sit & chanting (optional)
9.00-11.15 Welcome & Morning session
11.15-11.30 Lunch offering & Anumodana at Tilorien Monastery

11.30-13.00 Personal practice or rest
13.00-16.00 Afternoon session
16.00-17.00 Tea at Tilorien Monastery (optional, in-person only)

For more information on Ayya Santacitta and Ayya Anopama  please klick here

Santacitta Bhikkhuni

Ayya Anopama