Samita ASBL

Vesakh celebration and iSangha reunion

24-26 May 2024
Tilorien Monastery

After two years we are again organising another iSangha reunion and Vesakh celebration at Tilorien Monastery. The first reunion is still fresh in our memory and was of great value and support for us in our practice. There were people from as far as India and Portugal, England, Germany and of course from Belgium! It was such a beautiful joyous occasion and it was almost surreal to see people in real life after years together on Zoom.




This year the iSangha reunion will fall together with the celebration of Vesakh, the special occasion that celebrates the birth, englightenment and passing away of the Buddha.
There will be a program of meditations, chanting, dhamma talks and sharing together.









With a lot of joy and warmth we welcome you all for the iSangha Reunion 2024!

Like last time, a holiday house has been rented near the monastery where you can stay if you need a space to stay overnight and we ask participants to bring some food to share if possible.

If you would like to be kept informed or to participate in this weekend, please email: [email protected]

Warm greetings and much metta

Katrien, Karina and Kristel
Tilorien Monastery Events Committee

The weekend is organised on the basis of donation.