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Ethics and the World by Ajahn Santamano

Tilorien Monastery iSangha

Wednesdays 21st February and 6th March 2024 at 19.00.

Ajahn Santamano is visiting and staying at Tilorien Monastery for three months. He has so kindly offered to give a series of Dhamma talks on the subject of “Ethics and the World” after the iSangha groupsitting on 21st February and 6th March.

With the ongoing genocide in Palestine, the bombing of Yemen and wars in Ukraine, Sudan and many other places, what does it mean to have an ethical response to such a world?

We may live our lives as if we know what it is to be human. If we look a little closer, however, we start to see how little we know about this strange thing we call being alive. Internally, what is this being here and externally, to what extent do we participate in the various systems and structures that cause harm?

Ajahn Santamano is a Theravada Buddhist monk, a Bhikkhu, until recently living in Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK. He became Anagarika in 2008 and had his Bhikkhu ordination in 2011. He has also spent periods of time at other monasteries in New Zealand, Portugal and Thailand.

He is now an independent, wandering monastic wishing to speak more openly in support of Bhikkhuni Ordination, gender equality in Buddhism, and wishing to highlight various prejudices that occur in various societies based on class, caste, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity etc.

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