Samita ASBL

Mettā for Myanmar

April 11th 2021, 9.00-10.30 hrs CEST


Dear all,

Please feel invited for the Sunday morning Mettā for Myanmar meditation on 11 April at 9.00 am CEST.  With this session we support the people in Myanmar.

The session will be led by Sr Viranani directly from Burma if there is internet connection, and by Ariya Bauman from Switserland. Ariya and sr Virañani (with Sayadaw U Indaka) are the teachers of the yearly international mettā retreat in Myanmar.

As Sr Virañani often mentions, mettā is now more then ever necessary in the world! With the mettā meditation next Sunday we intend to specifically hold the people of Myanmar in our hearts.

The people in Myanmar, including our friends and teachers, are suddenly living in a situation of cruel oppression. It is hurting to see. The peaceful protests are continuing. They are brave and determined to fight for their future under extreme circumstances (see f.e. The Irrawaddy, or the blog: Mohinga Matters). Our friends in Myanmar really need our support. More practical support can be done by extending our mettā practice to compassionate action! Compassionate action is the sort of action that brings joy into the hearts of the givers and it relieves suffering everywhere.

Compassionate action:

Please consider signing a petition! It helps to bring international awareness and let institutions and governments know that we all want them to support the people of Myanmar. It also puts pressure on companies to withdraw from businesses that support the military junta.

Petition for EU and others

Petition for UN

Please consider to donate money. Money is very much needed for food, medical supplies and protective materials. The following fundraisers are highly reliable. They make sure the money is directly handed to the people via their respective networks. Since banking system is failing, this is important. Possibilities for donation.

Donation via Insight Myanmar, or its new website ‘Better Burma’.

Dontation via Global Myanmar Volunteers

Donation via Mutual Aid Myanmar

Donation via the group of Vipassana Hawaii

Your compassionate action will be very much appreciated by our friends in Myanmar. Besides, it is so important for the people in Myanmar to know that we are with them!

Here is a link to a short overview of the activities of the people in Myanmar

All are wholeheartedly welcome.

Thank you and we hope to see you,
The Sunday sessions with Sr Virañani team,
Ank Schravendeel, Marij Geurts, Simin Abravesh, Heidi Rommens, Inez Roelofs, Riët Aarsse