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‘Dakinis and Demonesses’ – Stories of Women’s awakening with Ayya Yeshe, Bhante Sujato & Friends!

Sunday, 27th June 2021

Enjoy a morning with Buddhist nun of 21 years, Ayya Yeshe, Bhante Sujato, Bhante Akāliko, Ven. Vimala and Anagarika Sabbamitta speaking about women’s awakened potential, and sharing the inspiring stories of awakened female saints and the sacred feminine present in everyone as well as noble friendship and the value of community.

8.00-9.30 CEST (click here for your timezoneAyya Yeshe will give a Guided Meditation and Dhamma Talk on the topic ‘Dakinis and Demonesses‘ in the Tibetan tradition—the lives of awakened women and the sacred feminine, facilitated by Ven. Vimala.

10.30-11.30 CEST (click here for your timezone) Discussion with Ayya Yeshe, Bhante Sujato and Bhante Akāliko led by Anagarika Sabbamitta on the topic of ‘Being a spiritual friend to Bhikkhunis, and noble friendship on the spiritual path‘.

If you are already registered for the Tilorien iSangha, you can use the regular Zoom link to participate. If not, please register with the form below.

Ayya Yeshe is the director of Bodhicitta Foundation, a charity working to empower women and children in the slums of Central India. She is also the Abbess of Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery in beautiful wilderness at the southern tip of Australia. Ayya is a feminist, contemplative and a teacher who travels internationally. She is a sacred chants artist and published author.

Although there is no doubt of everyone’s equal potential to become enlightened, if we are to preserve the vast and profound teachings of Buddhism that have been so carefully handed down by our kind Asian and Indian Spiritual ancestors we need places where people can study, reflect and meditate full time. We also need to establish a tradition of well trained Western Buddhist Teachers, especially empowering women as well as rich lay Buddhist culture.

For women and LGBTIQA+ finding a place to ordain and stay as a lay person or monastic, where they can learn and study, is often a huge challenge, especially in the Tibetan tradition. Ayya Yeshe started this unique project to create a place where the four-fold community can stay and learn, aiming for environmental justice, to aid marginalized communities, intersectional feminism that includes and welcomes men who wish to be allies and compatriots of women. Much still needs to be done! If you want to support Ayya Yeshe please consider donating: