Samita ASBL

Dhamma Talk: Rubber Duck Debugging the Mind: The Vipallasa; distortions of views, perceptions and thoughts – by Ven. Vimala

31st August – 11.00-12.30 CEST

At Metta Center Sydney

Do you sometimes feel that your mind is going around in circles? There is a record playing in your head over and over again and no matter what you try, you cannot find how to disable the “repeat” button? That’s when it is time to do some Rubber Duck Debugging of your mind.

The Buddha’s teachings provide us with the tools to help us get unstuck, to see the deeper patterns behind our thinking and to use wisdom to let go. In this talk and guided meditation Ven. Vimala will discuss the Buddhist Vipallasa, the distortions of the mind to show you how the thinking pattern evolves and what it’s function is. When we learn to see things in a different way, it can make all the difference and get us out of that stuck place.