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(English) A “monastic year” in Australia

Dit bericht is helaas alleen beschikbaar in English en Deutsch.

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  1. Irina

    Good afternoon, Maria!
    Thank you for these beautiful memories and your sharing with us. We met once, for the food offerings in the morning, on Thursday, you had to leave the place, the next day! My name is Irina, I asked you about your project and you wrote me the name of site!
    I’m still here, studying .Today, my day off and I visited Hayagriva Bouddhist centre for the morning meditation classes.On Thursday, the visit of the monastery is planned, in Serpentine.

    Thank you for sharing. My pleasure is to know you and to help you with your noble project.
    Take care ,your Dharma friend from Perth. kind regards.

    1. Sabbamitta

      Thank you for your kind words, Irina; I remember you well. Take care, much metta,

  2. Canda Bhikkhuni

    Dear Maria,

    Thanks for sharing this uplifting and inspiring article! It brought a huge grin to my face throughout the read, which turned into a massive beam by the time I got to the stunning WA flower pics! What a lovely gift!

    Was lovely to spend time with you this vassa, hidden yet in public, as you say, communicating not through words, but through metta and silent support! Which included taking our lids from our alms bowls with a smile or a nod, as we went on pindapat every day 😊

    Much metta and joy, Ven Canda 💓

  3. Ayya Yeshe

    So wonderful to hear of your spiritual journey! Rejoicing for you!

    Is it true you guys now have a larger plot of land for a monastery? How big is it? Wishing you all the best!

    Ayya Yeshe

  4. Indira

    Thank you and much merit for sharing Maria….. May your path be smooth and quick.

  5. Vivian

    Hallo Maria,

    danke fürs Mitteilen. Warum auch immer bekam ich eine Gänsehaut :-).

    Liebe Grüße,

  6. Annie

    Thank you Maria for the beautiful account of your stays in the Australian monasteries. I will always treasure the memories of our time together supporting each other for the Rains at Bodhinyana. Somehow we clicked on so many ways and shared so many precious moments at the monastery and in the forests around Serpentine. It gave me a lot of joy to see the pleasure you got from our beautiful wildflowers. I hope I’ll see you in Europe sometime.
    With big hugs and giga metta

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